Hidden Valley Ski Area
Ashburnham, MA

Hidden Valley operated during the 1970's until around 1980.  But don't bother looking for it....its completely gone!  There is now a housing development right where the ski area used to be.  No trace whatsoever.  My friend Brent Macaloney and I went to find it, we had the address (Crosby St.), but couldn't.  We went to the library where they told us that it is now a development.  Apparently the owner had health problems and died while it was open, so thats how it closed.

Despite it being totally gone, several images of the area have become available.
Here's a trail map/ad, courtesy of the New England Ski Museum. Its quite confusing, isn't it? Apparently there are two sides of the hill that were developed, with a transfer tow inbetween. It is also unclear as to where the T-bar went. Interesting slogan at the bottom, don't you think?
Here's the Terraserver Pic of the area...you can see the remnants of the trails but as for any details or attempting to correlate this with the trail map, forget it! Too difficult.

Here's one guidebook's entry:

(Eastern Ski Map)
T-bar lift, 5 tows
4 slopes, 2 trails (nov and int)
Parking, instruction, ski school, snowmaking, night skiing
Packer, 150 foot drop
NE Exposure

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