Holland Farms
Greenfield, MA


Thanks to NELSAP readers, we have learned about this small rope tow area was located in Greenfield.

Tim Driscoll:
"It had single rope tow and also had a toboggan chute as well. It was free to ski in the early 60's. I think it was run by the town."

Doug Stotz
"The town of Greenfield (MA) used to run a rope tow in the "Meadows" section of town called "Holland Farm". We're talking very small vertical drop. This closed around 1970. Here is the little bit of info that I have so far. Holland Farms was located on Green River Rd. in Greenfield Mass. It had an elevation of 900 ft. and had one rope tow located on the left side of the hill. It also had a ski jump located on the right side half way up the hill. There was a toboggan chute located to the left of the rope tow which went 1/2 up the hill. There was a small warming shack at the bottom and it was free to ski, I think it was owned by the town. When it snowed the first skiers would walk sideways up the hill with their skis on to pack the snow because they had no grooming equipment."

Alfred P. Haskins formerly from Greenfield remembers:

"Holland Farms had 2 tow ropes. The short tow line ran up the right side of the hill from the warming shack to the first plateau. The second ran up the left side from the plateau to the top of the hill. Both were old Chevs put up on blocks with the tire pulled off the rear rim so the rope could be rapped around it. The lift lines had telephone poles along side of it with tire rims acting as pulleys that carried the returning rope several feet off the ground and back to the car. In later years the short tow was eliminated and the left tow was converted to an electric motor. Besides the toboggan run on the left and ski jump on the right, the main slope had what we called "the plateau", a short flat area right in the middle of the slope. I broke two skis "jumping the plateau". There also was a very narrow trail in the woods off on the far right. As I recall, it included one 20' section of near 60 degree drop with a  hard right at the bottom that you made, or ate the trees. All in all, Holland Farms was a great place, the lifts were free, the stove was always cranking, and food was available. Some times, when I visit relatives in the area, I drive by just to see the place once more, and remember all the good times I had there."

Does anybody else have any more information?

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