Eastover Resort
Lenox, MA
?-Early 1990's
The Eastover resort in Lenox, MA was a relatively small ski area, but had a double chair and a rope tow. It opened sometime in the 1960's and lasted until very early in the 1990's. 
Here's an ad from a 1970's brochure. Notice the double chair, a classic Hall.
Steve Latham, has this report on the ski area.
I was at the Eastover Resort in Lenox with my family and was surprised to find that it used to be a ski area, but is now a Lost Area.
They still have the lift towers and load/un-load areas for a double chair. Actually, from what I heard and saw, a new cable and chairs and it would work. There are also remnants of a rope tow.
The vertical is 100-200 feet. They still have a 1200 foot toboggan run that looks to be about 3/4 of the length of the ski area. They had two trails leading to the bottom of the double and one for the rope tow.

Due to the need to replace the cable, and the cost thereof, not to mention liability, they closed the area some time ago.

Betsy McDonough recently visited this area, and took some great pictures (ignore the date stamp). Here's her report:
On Saturday April 8, 2000, I made a quick visit to the Eastover Ski Area in Lenox, MA.  Unfortunately, all I had time for was to take a few pictures and make a few observations.  The ski area probably had a vertical of 200 or so feet and was served by a double chairlift and a rope tow.

The double chair, looking down from just below the unloading ramp.
The unloading station on the double.
 It is also an upside down area (park at the top). Remnants of both lifts remain at the area today.  The chairlift (sans chairs) and lift line looked to be in good condition. 
The rope tow poles still stand (along the rock wall in this photo).
The driving range at the top of the hill. The toboggan run used in winter is on the left side of this trail (not pictured).
The trails looked beautifully maintained. In fact, one trail is used as a driving range in the summer and a toboggan run in winter. This trail is on the opposite side of the chairlift from the "putting green" where the rope tow area is.
Another interesting observation is the pet cemetery located between the chairlift and the trail with the putting green.  Various animals that belonged to the resort are buried here, complete with their own grave markers. Here's the memorial.
The ski area was open only to guests of the resort.  Eastover Resort is a beautiful place in an even more beautiful setting.  If you are ever in the Berkshires, this place is worth a visit. Their homepage is http://www.eastover.com.
Here's the Terraserver pic of the area, found and annotated by Betsy McDonough. The longer line is the chairlift, while the shorter is the rope tow. 

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