Locke's Tows
Amesbury, MA
Before 1949-c1970?


Amesbury, Massachusetts is actually a closed ski area mecca. 3 areas used to operate in Amesbury: Locke's Ski Tows, Lone Tree Hill, and Amesbury Ski Tows/Atlantic Forest. Opening sometime in the late 1940's, this area lasted until around 1970 or so. Located 3/4 miles south of Amesbury, Locke's Hill had large open slopes that were night lighted and seved by two tows, one 1000' long and the other 800' long. A warming hut and snack bar served skiers. Two 1100' trails and two slopes 1000' provided a variety of skiing. The area was still listed in 1966 in America's Ski Book, listing it with a 350' drop. I somehow doubt that, I believe that that listing is for Amesbury Ski Tow. Nevertheless, this was an interesting area and will make for quite a search for anybody who would like to find it.

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