Waidlich Family Tow
Millers Falls, MA
Early 1970's-Tody
Private area

Please note - this is a private family ski area - please do not trespass, thanks!

Betsy McDonough had first discovered this area in 1999 while trying to find Crystal Notch. We now know of its origins from Jimm O'Donnell. This private tow area contains a lift from the original Crystal Notch and is run today by the family of the original owners on their property. Click on the link above to learn more about the history of Crystal Notch. This area is plainly visible south on the French King Bridge (Rte 2). As for this private area, Jimmy tells us:

At some point in the early 1970’s, son Jon Waidlich moved the 400 foot tow across the road and a half-mile down from Crystal Notch, and positioned it on a hill in his own backyard. Every now and then, Jon fires it up for family and friends, grooming the snow with a section of chain-link fence which he drags behind his tractor. He manages to contrive three distinct ways down the hill, in addition to a tree-run or two off to the side, along snowmobile trails. The tow currently boasts a new, polypropylene rope; but “the real expense came about eight years ago when I had to buy a new eight-horse motor… but the other one gave us fifty years of service before it crapped out, so I can’t complain!”


Chris Lundquist found the area during the summer of 2001 and took some great pics. Here's what he found out:

This area is located on East Mineral Road in Millers Falls, MA. On a hunt for Crystal Notch I found this. Its on the same road as Crystal Notch. I had found the log cabin said to be the ski lodge for Crystal Notch but found no trails or anything. Down the road (not even a mile away) I came to a field on the right and saw this ski area. The first picture is looking down the slope. If you look in the distance, you will see the French King Bridge (the ski area is visible from this bridge).  

The second picture is the tower with the rim and rope.

The third picture is the engine room, with a small motor. Notice the skis on the right of the building - very cool. You can see how heavy the rope is and just think how heavy it would be if wet!

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