Arthur L. Delaney Ski Slope
Mount Hood Golf Course
Melrose, MA
Before 1952-At least 1971

The Mt. Hood Golf Course ran a ski area that operated from before 1952 until the 1960's. It was named the Arthur L. Delaney Ski Slope, in honor of Arthur Delaney, a member of the 10th Mountain Division killed in 1945.
On February 20, 1952, Mt Hood had a 6-8 inch base of packed powder snow along with night skiing. Check out the report on the left (along with a few more MA ski areas at the time). Photo provided by Dave Vaillancourt.

In 1971, the ski area was still in operation, with day and night skiing on one rope tow. (Thanks to NELSAPPER Betsy McDonough for providing this information from the book Massachusetts, A Guide to the Pilgrim State, 1971.)

Several people remember the skiing at Mt. Hood. Here's what they have to say about the area:

Terri Howe
"I grew up in Melrose.  Yes, there was a ski tow (rope) at Mount Hood during the 1960's. That is where I first learned to ski.  It was located on the hill across from the parking lot after the first pond.  Ski lessons were also given there.  After the course completed, some students went to Boston Hill in Andover, to compete in downhill races."

Paul Brophy
"They operated a tow rope on the first hole, it is also a golf course. They were still in operation in the early sixties. You could ski or toboggan there. The last time I was there, about 15 years ago, the  tow rope equipement was still in view."

Tom Hancock
"I am now 66 years old and live in Florida. My late father Roland Hancock was the Golf Pro at Mt Hood for 37 years, retiring in 1973. I grew up on the course in a cottage near the 8th green.

In the 1930s and 1940s there was a toboggan shute located on the exact path of tow rope ( on the 1st hole ) that you talk about. Also there was a very large Olympic Type Ski Jump located behind the 5th tee just before one gets to the Fish and Game Club.

In the 1930s they had winter carnivals and I can remember they were well attended events. Both structures were of wood and were not maintained after the carnivals stopped. They started to rot and were torn down, I think in the 1940s.

Last time I was there, which was many years ago, a couple of cement supports for the toboggan chute were still visible near the club house. I venture to say they are still there.

Mt Hood was a WPA project and built during the depression and opened in 1936 and that is when my Dad came there. That picture posted of the ski slope (The 1st hole ) brings back many memories for me and I also remember using the rope tow on many occasions."

Paul W.
Mount Hood golf course, where the slope was located was a favorite spot for sledding, skiing, both alpine and now cross country.

I never got the chance myself to ski up there, but I can remember my brother
actually going up there to ski. The slope was shared with people sledding. According to my mother, who lives in Melrose, there is some work being done up there part of a revitalization plan for the entire complex. They may be putting in snow making for cross country skiing, and maybe a return to some downhill.  The picture shows the 1st or 10th hole fairway from the top of the hill. Some people call it the 1st hole, while others call it the 10th hole. Over the years the numbering of the golf course has changed depending on the management company that was running it.


On November 20, 1999, Betsy McDonough and I found the ski area (after a long time of searching). It was a very warm day with temperatures of 68 degrees, many golfers were out enjoying the slopes.
Here is a view of the ski area looking down from the tee of the first/tenth hole. The rope tow operated on the right hand side of the ski area (the flat area likely being the unloading area of the tow.
Here's the plaque honoring Arthur Delaney (on the old tow building at the top)
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