Osceola Playground
Pittsfield, MA

Before 1971-?

Thanks to research done by Betsy McDonough, we can now take this area off the lost list! While NELSAP loses its count by one, we can all gain by this discovery of a classic rope tow area. This will remain on the website under MA, and will someday find a home in a new NELSAP section, "Little Areas that Rock!"

Betsy contacted Bob Mellace, director of the Pittsfield Department of Community Services/Parks and Recreation. Here's his details on the area:

"I'm responding to your email regarding the rope tow in Osceola Park, Pittsfield, MA. This facility is operated by the Pittsfield Department of Community Services/Parks & Recreation.  The rope tow is operated mainly on weekends when snow conditions permit. There is no snow making capabilities at the facility. The rope tow serves one small hill. We plan to continue operating this tow as long as city funding allows."

Betsy also took several pictures, and here they are:

A view of Bousquet's ski area and the rope tow at Osceola. Looking down the main slope.


The view from the bottom of the ski area. Vertical is about 100'. The top station of the rope tow. You can see the beginner symbol on the building.

Has anybody else skied here?

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