Pine Acres Campground
Oakham, MA

Thanks to Laurie P., we first heard of this ski area that operated in Oakham. Here are her details:

The first one I wish to tell you about is Pine Acres ski Area in Oakham, MA.  It was a small family hill located at the sight of the current Pine Acres camp ground.  I skied there as a young child in the mid 60's to 70's.  I am not sure when the area closed, but I believe the name of the family that ran it was Packard.  It had 2-3 slopes with a rope tow.  I believe that in the later years of operation they also added a T or J bar in the learning area and had plans to add one in place of the rope.  

Laurie contacted Delila at Pine Acres who sent some great info and pictures! Also, please visit their website at

The ski area opened in 1961 and ran until 1974.  At first it was just one hill, but over time it had a total of 5 trails.  There were 3 ski tows, 2 that went to the summit and one that went to the beginner's hill.  Activities that were held included a yearly winter carnival that we still have, snowmobiling and rentals of the vehicles, local area school groups ski school, and races.  There was a ski instruction school that was headed by Bud Healy, and offered classes and full ski equipment rentals.  Groups were welcome to ski on the weekend or school vacation time with an advanced reservation.  There was also lighted night skiing.  The trails were professionally groomed with Pine Acres Snow Grooming equipment.

Here's a map of the campground. Former ski area at bottom.

Pine Acres also employed a National Ski Patrol, under the direction of Alan Spike Bar.  He had about 20 people working under him.  I have included a picture of them (on the left).



The ski area closed due to the New England's warming climate.  It is now the area of camping sites and a long hill that is a sledding favorite.  This is the area right by and behind our tennis courts.

Here's a view of the rope tow from 1968 from Pine Acres. Ironically, Laurie's brother is in the line, wearing a black and white sweater. And in fact, Laurie is likely there too, just to his left, wearing a hood!

Has anybody else skied here before? If so, let us know!

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