Rutland Hill
Rutland, MA
1950's-Possibly Early 1970's

Thanks to Laurie P., we now know of this ski area that operated in Rutland. Here are her details:

Rutland Hill was located off of Pomaguset Street, the street that connects 122A to Route 68.  Though I never skied there, I do know people who did.  Also, you can still see some of the trails, despite soil removal which has been done at the area.  It is on the right side as you drive from Route 122A to Route 68.

Here's a picture of the slope in March, 2002 from Laurie.

Ken Lubin has some more info: My Grandfather broke his leg there and that is where my mother learned to ski.  I know it operated in the 50 and 60ís.  I think that it was also open in the early seventies but I am not sure.  

Kevin Beach has more information: 

Rutland Ski Area was built by Ray Kline who lived at the entrance to the ski area.  At its peak it had 3 rope tows, 3 trails and 1 small beginner slope.  My father was a patroller there for a number of years (before moving on to ski school at nearby Pine Ridge) and our entire family learned to ski there.  This was your typical mom and pop operation with Ray doing all the maintenance and grooming (with a big sled pulled behind an old bulldozer) and his wife handling ticket sales and overseeing the snack bar.  Rutland was basically open weekends and holidays only and is where an entire generation of central Mass skiers learned the sport.  Parents could drop their kids off during school vacations with $3 in their pockets and they could ski and eat all day with their friends.  I believe it closed around 1970.

Does anybody else remember this area? If so, let us know.

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