Seminary Hill
Hamilton, MA
Late 1940's-Mid 1950's

Hamilton boasts two lost ski hills! Hamilton Ski Area, and Seminary Hill!

NELSAP reader B. Tibbetts has this information to share:
Seminary Hill operated right after WW 2 into at least the mid to late fifties, (I went off to Korea and lost track). It had one rope tow, a small shop/cafeteria/rest rooms for ladies, the guys went in the woods. The all day fee was fifty cents (all day under 12 years) and twenty five cents for a half day. I suspect the adult fee was probably twice that as the youth fees.  Since everybody knew one another it was common practice to drop the kids off for the day.  Any mishap was treated by everybody as a family affair and dealt with accordingly."

Alan tells us:

"Though I skied it once or never, Seminary Hill remains much in memory as the first area with a lift I ever saw, as a kid in late '40s/early '50s when living in Beverly. Because the slopes came down to scattered trees bordering the road, it had a certain notoriety among some parents who were sure their dear ones would overshoot and end up under someone's wheels. Not very likely, to my recollections. "

"Hamilton Ski Slopes either replaced or quickly supplanted Seminary Hill--that rope tow was operating at least by 1954 and likely earlier. I recall a scout troop day of racing there at which I won a pair of Alberg straps, that lasted until very recently and may yet be in the cellar. The trail noted in relation to your aerial photo was a very pleasant downhill/crosscountry run with one tight and steep section."

We have one listing of this area, in 1949. The area had an 800' long and 1500' wide slope served by a 750' tow. The exposure was north, and the tow operated weekends and holidays only.

Does anyone remember this one? If so, email us!

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