Strawberry Hill
Leicester, MA
1960's- 1970s

Strawberry Hill in Leicester, MA was located on the campus of Leicester Junior College which is now part of Becker College.

Strawberry Hill from the top, 1972 Leicester Junior College Yearbook.

Thanks to information and pictures provided by Jane Jung, Alumni Director at Becker College, we now know of this area which existed on the Leicester Junior College Campus in the 1960's and 1970's.

There was a hill on the Campus of Leicester Junior College where skiing took place. The late 1960's was prime time. The maintenance department put up a simple rope tow that was attached to the wheel of a Volkswagon. A series of pulleys pulled the skier to the top. The top of the hill is still in place on the campus (now Becker College) but the lower part has been leveled to create a soccer field. The following are pictures from the 1974 yearbook.


Today there is a soccer field where the mid-section and bottom of the ski slope once was. There is little evidence that the ski hill was there, but some does exist. On a recent visit, several light fixtures were found on what would have been skiers right as they went down the hill. All rope tow towers were removed when the soccer field was constructed. Laurie P. visited in April of 2002 and took the pictures below. Click on each picture for a larger version.

From the top of Strawberry Hill , notice the soccer field . Light fixtures in one of the trees near the top of Strawberry Hill. A close up of another light fixture in a tree half way down.
From the soccer field looking up the hill. It appears as though the rope went up between the trees on the left side of this picture. Looking down to the bottom of the hill from the soccer field. Another light fixture closer to the bottom of the hill.

This appears to be either the lift line or a smaller trail.

Light fixtures are facing both directions on some of these trees.

Does anybody else remember Strawberry Hill? If so, let us know.

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