Taman Farm Ski Tow
Conway, MA

Thanks to Tony & Ann Borton, we now know of this private family tow that operated in Conway. Please note that this area is likely on private property. Here are their details:

"I thought you might be interested in hearing about our private ski tow in Conway MA. Operating as a private tow from about 1972-1980, the Taman Farm Ski Tow was a 550' rope tow, using a 1100' ski tow rope powered by "Horace Dodge", a 1948 Dodge pickup truck. Using the lowest forward gear of a four or five speed transmission, the rope traveled through a groove made by two tires, side touching side, their two wheels welded together and mounted on the rear of the truck which faced up hill at the top of the slope. When a skier picked up the rope at the bottom of the hill, the rope tightened in the tire groove enough to pull the skier up to the top of the hill. When the skier released the rope, the rope returned downhill in an endless loop running through several idler pulleys (borrowed from the hayloft in our old dairy barn) mounted high on poles. Should the skier somehow get caught on the rope (scarf twisted on the rope, mitten frozen to the rope, etc.) he/she would ski into a light wire attached by an alligator clip to a long loop from the coil. When the electrical circuit was broken, the motor, and thus the wheels and rope, stopped. Crude but effective!

This was never operated as a commercial slope, but was opened often to friends and family. Many local school children learned the basics of skiing through an after school enrichment program at the Conway Grammar school. Two neighbors, Jack Masson and Charles Taylor helped to buy the tow rope and thus had regular skiing privileges for their families. Over these years, many people learned to ski and thus had a new outlook on winter. The Taman Farm Ski Tow closed when our children and we moved onto bigger slopes, the Conway Grammar School dropped the Enrichment Program, the word "liability" reared its ugly head and we no longer had kids living at home."

If you have more information on this area just let us know.  

Last updated: October 16, 2005

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