Westboro Recreation Dept.
Westboro, MA
Late 1950's-Late 1980's

We have heard two sources for this ski area that operated in Westboro. There is a slight, but highly unlikely chance that this could be the "Speedway" ski area from 1939. Here are the details from various NELSAP readers:

Chris Taylor: " I know of a former ski hill in Westboro, MA, which may be the "speedway" that you talk about in Worcester.  It still exists, and it directly behind Westborough High school, abutting the school property.  There is a steep double hill which is now used for sledding, and you can still see the overgrown area on one side where a rope tow was (The support poles, etc., are still there).  I am sure I remember seeing the old rope tow as a young child, and my mom has told me stories about people skiing there in the 50's.  This is only a mile or so from the old Westboro Speedway, which became a Stop and Shop and BJ's shopping plaza in the mid 80's.  This plaza is right on RT. 9, at the Northboro Town line, just past the intersection of Rts. 9 and 20.  The high school is on Rt. 30 as you go East into the center of Westboro, and take the first St. just past the high school and you will go right to it.  There is a playground at the base, along with a parking area, next to the school fields. 

A picture of the former ski area during the winter of 2001. 
Picture courtesy of Betsy McDonough.


David Kimball: This was the site of the Aronson farm, which was destroyed by the Worcester County tornado of June 1953. Several people were killed, and the farm was never rebuilt. The land was sold to the town in the 1960's, and a high school was built there in about 1967. The ski area was constructed soon after the town purchased the land. Prior to that it was used as a cow pasture and sledding hill. This is all within a half mile of downtown Westboro, between Main and Ruggles Street.

Kevin Thomas: There was a ski area in Westboro that operated as recently as 10 years ago, located south of downtown, operated by the Rec. Dept. The area had a 150' drop.

Here's a view of the ski area in the mid 1990's, near the high school (track and baseball diamond clearly visible. A trail or lift line can be seen just to the right of the main slope.

Another reader who grew up in the Westboro area has these memories to share with us:

"Regarding the lost ski area in Westboro MA: The area was known as "the ski tow" by most people, and the hill was called "Roundtop" by Westboro townies.  I remember people skiing there until  some time in the late '70s.  It seemed to be open at the whim of the recreation department. I never skied  there but used the hill many times for sledding. There was skiing on weekends and nights, when the hill was lighted.  There was a single rope tow on the left side of the hill.

I believe skiing stopped there due to the inability of the town to acquire reasonably-priced liability insurance.  There was also a playground at the base of the hill, and an area that was flooded and allowed to freeze for skating.  The play-ground has been removed, also a victim of the lack of liability insurance I believe.

The area is located on Ruggles Street about 1 mile south of the junction with West Main Street (Rt.30), just after the high school baseball diamond. There is a Vietnam War veterans memorial at the base of the hill. I visited my parents in W'boro this Summer and noticed that the hill was all torn up with construction equipment.  My father tells me this is being done to expand the high school.

I have no knowledge that the hill or ski area was ever known as "Speedway."

Anybody else remember skiing here?

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