Elk Practice Slope
Whitcomb Summit
Florida, MA

According to Jeremy Clark, there is a lost ski area located in Florida, Massachusetts:

Whitcomb Summit is the highest point on the Mohawk Trail, with an elevation of 2,240 feet. Back in the 1930s, there was a small ski area located there. It had a rope tow and an open slope, with cabins to one side.

I first heard of this while watching the Boston Television show called "Chronicle", which was either doing an episode on the Mohawk Trail or ski areas in Massachusetts. The video clip I saw showed the main slope and the cottages, which a bunch of skiers gathered around.

Currently, Route 2 goes right through the location of this area. The cabins are starting to fall apart. There is a gift shop, restaurant, and lookout tower up there, along with a motel if I'm not mistaken. On the north side of Route 2 (looking downhill), you can see smaller trees, where the trail probably went. One of my sources (I can't remember who) said that the rope tow was moved west to a school slope, probably Williams College.

There is one listing for this area, in the 1939 Guide "Ski New England"
"Most popular slope in the region; located top of Mohawk Trail; slalom area; tow being erected."

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