Beaver Hill
Sanford, ME

Mid 1960's off an on through 1983

Beaver Hill as it appeared during the late winter of 1999. The remnants of the Observatory can be seen at the top.

 Much thanks to NELSAPPER Chris Bradford who entirely researched this ski area in Sanford, Maine! All of the pictures here are from him. Beaver Hill was a college ski area run by the now defunct Nasson College. One rope tow served the 200' drop or so slope which was used almost exclusively by students. The area was quite wide, as it faces almost a 180 degree horizon. At the top of the hill was an astronomical observatory, the foundation appears in the photo above.

The area operated off and on through the 1970's, likely closing for a time in the early 1970's. The area definitely had closed by 1983 as Nasson College experienced serious financial difficulties.

Today the area is used by local snowboarders and sledders, and the rope tow still stands.


Rick Schneider, Nasson College Class of 1971, remembers this area.... "I attended Nasson College from fall 1967 to spring 1971.  I did ski at Beaver Hill a few times. I live in a southern state, so I had never skied before I went to Nasson. Beaver Hill had had a rope tow in the past, though it was not operational my freshman year.  Or my sophomore year, or any year after that. Evidently it had worked in previous years, and I think I heard it was made to work again in the mid 1970s, but that was after my time. As a ski area, it was fine, considering the size of the hill, and that you had to walk up.  It had (has) a variety of slope steepnesses, so that new skiers, like me, could use it; while more experienced skiers could get up some speed.  Of course, the length of the runs was very short."

B. French: "As a Nasson College freshman in 1970-71, I worked as an operator on the rope tow at Beaver Hill. Every day we had to put tension on "The Rope" using a "come-along" and there was a danger that if anything failed during the process we could be cut in half by the come-along cable or the rope if it went flying under that much tension!  The engine was an old Ford Model A motor, and my guess is that the pole mounted pulleys were Model A wheels from the same wreck! It was a lot of fun!  The hill was used for some spectacular dirt bike racing practice (Ossa Stilettos) in those days. Some Jeeps and Land Rovers made the climb too! "
 Photo Gallery
The old lift shack at Beaver Hill.


The remains of the old engine for the rope tow.

One of the rope tow towers and wheels for the tow. Notice how the power lines are still on the tower, even after 20 years.

Do you remember Beaver Hill? If so, please let us know!

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