Black Cat
Outside Millinocket, ME
Late 1950's-Around 1968

Thanks to Bill Corrigan, we now know of this area. Here are his details:

I learned to Ski at Black Cat Mountain on the Southern Shore of Millinocket Lake outside of Millinocket. There was an 1100 ft Rope Tow and one open slope. The lodge was built in the late 50's or early 60's and was just off the lake. The rope tow was powered by an old truck engine in a tow shack built always up the mountain from the lake. There were several families involved in starting the area. Don Helstrom was a veteran of the 10th Mountain Division. Junior York, Paul Corrigan (My father), a few others. There was a spectacular view of Mt Katahdin across the lake about 12 miles away (for an awesome view of this, click here -  picture by Tom Liba). You can still see vague outlines of the area from Millinocket Lake if you know where to look. The last time it was open was probably in 1968 or so. After it closed, we skied at Mt Jefferson in Lee and Squaw Mountain in Greenville.

The long straight line (on the overhead pic on the left) was the rope tow. You turned right at the top and went a ways through the woods to the top of the trail. The long thin triangle was the only slope. We would occasionally go into the woods, but for the most part, we only skied the trail.

Tom Liba visited this area on January 23, 2002 and took some great shots! Here they are, along with his captions.
This picture was taken looking upslope from Black Cat Road to the rope tow motor shed. I know the road has been rebuilt, so its not likely that such a grade existed to get to the tow.

Looking inside the motor shed. The engine used to be to the left (above the existing gas tank).
Looking up the rope tow path. The poles are still standing. The newer, taller poles provide power to a radio tower on top of Black Cat Mountain.

A close up on one of the old wheel hubs.
Looking down the rope tow with ski trail access to left. The rope tow didn't really go up slope too far.

Looking down the ski slope it is evident it had been much wider. Trees within the old ski area are mainly 2-4" in diameter.
If you remember this area and have more info, just let us know.

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