Silver Hills
Chelsea, ME

1960's-Early 1970's

Thanks a few sources, some information was found about this area:

David LaVallee:

"Silver Hills in Chelsea near Augusta also had a rope tow and several intermediate trails and was family oriented. Grady Erickson was the Cony High ski coach and enjoyed some local success and fame during the 60's and early 70's."

First Tracks:

"Three rope tows ran on weekends at this area in Augusta.  In the 1960's the area offered free ski school clinics and specialized in skiing clinics."

Dave Leach: 

Silver Hills ski area also featured a small building where you could buy snacks and drinks and generally "warm up."  I learned to ski there in the late 1960's.  I also remember timed slalom races just for kids.  It was well supported and I'm wondering why it went out of business.  The main slope pointed downhill toward the Kennebec River. 

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