Ark Ski Tow
Jaffrey, NH

1940's - 1993

According to the book Where to Ski (1948), provided by Wayne Silver, this area, located 1.5 miles from Jaffrey, had a ski season which lasted from January 1 to March 7. It was located at 1100' altitude with a southern exposure. Two rope tows, 500 and 1000 feet served the open slope. There was a hotel near there called the Ark. 

Ned Bolle visited this area during late July , 2001. Here's what he has to say: "I visited The Ark ski area yesterday, as well. The Ark was the name of the hotel at the Monadnock Bible Conference. I recall seeing the tows operating as late as the Early '70's. They look to be about 500' long with a vertical of about 150'. The attached picture shows the two Motorhouses, which look to be in good condition. I personally never skied there. I believe that the Jaffrey Slopes was a separate ski area.

Jeremy and Betsy also would like to note that there's another rope tow slope to the right of this area, most likely connected with the Ark.

Here's an overhead view of the area. The lower area on this picture is the same slope as Ned took above. You can also see another area with a wide slope and woods trail which is looked uphill to the beginner's area.

John Tyler from Gunstock has a bit more info on this area: I worked allot with Mike Russo of The Monadnock Bible conference, the operators of the Ark ski tow. The tow actually operated until 1993 of maybe 1994. Mike used to bring the "advanced skiers to Temple and the new skiers stayed at the Ark. They decided to close the tow because of insurance cost.

A view of the larger, steeper slope located to the right of the beginners area. This is a solid intermediate/expert slope. Taken by Ned Bolle.

Richard Lea remembers skiing here: I lived at the camp for four years while my parents were on staff there during the late sixtys and early seventies. I used to, even as a young adult, run the ski rental barn and teach some beginner skiing there. My father ran the rope tows at that time as well. I used to make some awesome jumps on the slope and enjoyed that time of my life immensly.

Do you remember skiing here? Let us know about it.

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