King's Arrow
Arrowhead Skiway
Claremont, NH

1962-off and on-1990

Arrowhead Skiway was a small to medium sized ski area facility that operated for almost 30 years. When it opened in 1962, it was named King's Arrow (associated with a nearby inn) and had skiing with 2 Poma lifts, 5 trails and a 30 acre novice area. The area was listed in guidebooks until the late 1960's. The long poma lift is described by Craig Remillard's Dad as being "the steepest, most balls-to-the-wall poma he ever rode!"

After the late 60's, the area ceased to be listed in any guidebooks. Although not listed, the area operated off an on, and most recently from 1980-1990.

NELSAP recently heard from Spencer Allen who is a volunteer for the Claremont Parks and Recreation. His explanation is the best for the this area. And Spencer has created a great website for Arrowhead...check it out here.

The facility has been operating off and on since the place was built.  I know at some point the facility was taken by the city of Claremont some time before the 80's.  In the last part of 79' the facility went back into operation with a lease for one dollar to the Local Kiwanis Club the operated the facility up to 1990.  When the facility went into operation in the 80's the Short Poma Lift was removed and a 775' Pony Lift (Wire Rope Tow) replaced it.  The snowmaking issue that you mentioned in 1966  is accurate.  Snow
making was at the facility for approximately 2 years then was should off due to finical problems and had none to speak of for the rest of its operation.

During the publication of the trail map below there since had been some additions to the trails.  For a time when the facility opened it was called the King's Arrow Ski Area that was associated with a hotel in town at the time that since has been demolished but had local historic importance.

Over the past two years I have been working with the city in attempting to restore the facility.  The trails have been put on a maintenance program with an annual and a biannual cutting depending on the growth on the trails.  The lights have been restored on the main slop area where they are used for night time sliding, tubing, and snow boarding parties almost every other week during the winter months organized by the local community center.  This has been help preserve the area.

There is also some efforts being made to get things running again.  At the moment the facility's lifts have all its parts for operation but due to the time will need some TLC to meet code.  In the short term it looks like if it would open in any form it would be with just rope tow on a weekend and holiday operation and serious consideration on getting snowmaking back.

Here are a few listings from various guidebooks:

(Buxon's Eastern Ski Slopes)
Main poma lift: 2200'
Novice poma: 800'
Trails: 2 expert, 2200'
1 Intermediate: 3400'
2 Novice: 3500'
30 acres novice slope
Tickets: $3.50 adult, $2.50 junior, 0.75 off half day
Season ticket: $100 family, $50 adult, $25 student

Night skiing, 7 days a week, 3 nights. 600' drop.

Cafeteria at base lodge serves hot grilled items, sandwiches, soups, and beverages. Has ski shop, skating under lights, nursery, equipment inspection stations.

Lodging at King's Arrow Inn, 900 yards from lift.

The trail map of Arrowhead. The longer (2200') poma is on the right, while the shorter novice poma (800') is on the left. Most of the upper mountain trails were narrow and steep, then flattened out rather dramatically as they reached the bottom of the area.


Eastern Ski Map
No changes

America's Ski guide
650' drop, 2 pomas, rope tow. No snowmaking, as the snowmaking system was no longer in use.

Photo Gallery
(Visit by John and Linda Osgood)
The area is relatively intact. Check out these photos.
Explanation from Spencer Allen: The first picture is the pony lift and the equipment room for the lift in the near ground and in the foreground the large Poma lift and a piece of the facilities main storage buildings off to the right.
The long Poma lift and trails in 1997. The trails on the upper left have since been cleared.

(Photos Courtesy of Spencer Allen)
Here's the trail map used from 1980-1990.

Looking down the slope from the steepest part. Notice how the trails have been cleared since the base photo in 1997. Quite a steep hill!
Arrowhead in the winter, enjoyed by sledders. Look at how steep the trail on the left is!

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