Ballentines Pasture Tow
Jackson, NH
Before 1938-At least 1941

Very little is known about this ski area. A 1938-1939 and 1940-1941 NH Winter Map mentions a Ballentine Tow that operated in Jackson. However, a 1939 Skier's Guide to New England mentions a new Ballentine's Pasture area on Carter Notch Road, with 15 acres of steep slopes, 100 acres of gentle slopes, with the steep parts served by a "sleigh tow". There was also a ski jump of 35mtrs mentioned at the "Thor Lodge". There is no mention of the area after 1941, so it probably closed during World War II.

Andrew Hart has some more information on the area: I have always been interested in the history of skiing in Jackson New Hampshire.  Actually, what got me started is that My family and some friends owns the property that used to be Ballentine's Pasture.  The Ski Jump was called Thor's Jump, named for Thor Lodge, which occupied the property as a small ski hotel.  We currently use Thor Lodge for our ski trips to the White Mountains. 

Do you remember this area or have more info? If so, let us know about it.

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