Blue Hills Skiway
Rochester, NH
Mid-late 1960's

Many thanks to Bruce Taylor who wrote the following on this lost area!

The Blue Hills Skiway was located on what used to be called the Milton Rd ( the original Rt. 16 ) in North Rochester at the Rochester/Milton town line. If you were to try to find the location today, you would be on what is now considered Rt 125, also known as the White Mountain Highway. On an interesting note; the Spaulding Turnpike goes right through the top of what was the ski hill. If you were to travel the Spaulding Turnpike, take notice at mile marker 25. The rocks that were blasted to make way for the highway were part of the hill that we skied on. During the Winter and early Spring, before the trees have their leaves, look to the east, or the downhill side of the highway just beyond that mile marker, and you will see what used to be the view from the top of the hill.

The ski area was developed by members of the Blue Hills Ski Club on a piece of land that was leased from the Warburton family of North Rochester. The planning and development began in the early part of the sixties. In 1963, a 1000í trail was cut and the following Fall ( 1964 ) a 900í x 200í open slope was cut to the right hand side of the trail. At that point, preparations were made to install a rope tow (between the slope and the trail). That Fall, a warming hut was also built. All the work was performed by hand by club members who volunteered their time so that they could provide a local place for their families and friends to ski, as well as the opportunity for local kids to become involved in skiing. By the end of 1964, work was underway to complete the installation of the rope that was donated by the Rochester Athletic Association. By early 1965 the tow was up and running.

The area operated on weekends and also offered night skiing. The club provided and staffed a ski patrol as well as a ski school and a race team. Although it ran through the Winter of 1965, the area was formally opened and dedicated at a ceremony in early 1966. The area continued to operate for several years. I canít say exactly when, but I believe by the end of the decade it was closed.

If you drive by the site today, itís all but impossible to tell where the area was. It is all grown in now and there are buildings on what used to be the roadway in to the hill and the parking lot. However, if you are heading north on Rt 125, just before you get to the Milton town line, by an old railroad crossing, look to the left. That small tree covered hill you see once was THE place to be on Saturday afternoons in the wintertime in Rochester.

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