Candy Mountain
Brookfield/Wakefield, NH

Late 1950's - ?

Thanks to Jean Pratt Lynch who sent us the following information about Candy Mountain:

"Candy Mountain was situated just off Route 16 in Wakefield or  Brookfield New Hampshire and was approximately four or five miles closer to the Village of Union than Moose Mtn. It was operational in the early 60's (perhaps late 50's)with a rope tow .This was a small hill with a one front northern exposure and likely went out of business when Moose Mtn opened. "

Another NELSAP reader remembers this mountain as well:

Mark Nichols: Nice web site, you missed Candy Mountain ski area on Governors Rd in Wakefield NH. It is on the way to Moose MT. How do I know? I live near there! The original car for the tow rope should be still there and the trails are still barely visible. 

George Labrecque: In the 60s I stopped in and looked over Candy Mtn. N.H. I was on my way to Intervale for a days skiing. I think it ran as a rope tow area. A home made J bar was erected . Had a nice Ellis Chalmers motor to power it.  The cable grips were a piece of 1/4 inch plate steel wrapped around the cable and welded to the J bar hanger. The drive sheave had no liner . There was no way it could run but it looked nice from the road.  

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