Derryfield Golf Club
Manchester, NH
Early 1960's-1970's

Several NELSAP readers remember this area. Apparently, the tow was resurrected from the former Derryfield Park area. It operated from the 1960's into 1970's, when the new McIntyre area usurped it. Here are their details:

Paul Timmins: The Derryfield Golf Club in Manchester NH had a rope tow that we used a few times in the early 1960's. It was next to the Club House and ran down the 6th hole (which was played back uphill). Someone told me that the tow had been over in Derryfield Park in the late 30's, below the reservoir, where there was also an old ski jump.

Steve Diers: I remember a tow at the Derry field Country Club in Manchester, circa 1960. The tow was located near the club house. It was removed after the building of McIntyre in the 70's.

Bob Lang: Derryfield Country Club Rope Tow, Manchester NH: The City of Manchester Parks and Recreation Department had a rope tow on the hill next to where the parking lot and club house still exist. This operated through the 1960's into the 70's until McIntyre Ski Area opened, which the City still operates. I learned to ski on the old golf course with the rope tow, dodging sledders and tobogganers, who still use the old hill. Sometimes we would purposely let go of the rope and pile up up each other.

If you remember this ski area and have more info, just let us know.

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