Hanover Country Club
Hanover, NH
1965-up to the Early 1970's

Thanks to Rodney Morgan, we now know of this ski area that operated in Hanover. Here's his description:

"The rope tow at Dartmouth was located on a steep slope between the second and third fairways at the Hanover Country Club in Hanover - steep, but not much vertical. It was primarily used by the College through the early 70's to teach skiing under the student recreational ski program before 'graduating' to the J bar at Oak Hill."

M. Dannhauser a has some great memories of Hanover CC that she shared with NELSAP!

"During the winter of 1965-6, our family lived in Thetford, VT while my father was on sabbatical leave at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  It was decided the entire family would learn to ski that year through the Ford-Sayre Ski school.  I recall that my mother, never having skied a day in her life, was recruited as an instructor.  She would learn a maneuver or skill one day, and then teach it to her class the next!  Quite a change from ski instruction today.

Both my parents took their lessons on the golf course at Hanover (Hanover Country Club).  People didn't always use the rope tow, and students
would often be required to "pack the hill" by side-stepping up the slope before skiing down. The rope tow was not completely ignored, of course, and I can recall my folks discussing the new holes worn in their mittens from trying the grip the frozen and slippery rope while ascending the steep slope
on the golf course.

B. Orcutt: "There was a ropetow at Hanover on the golf course.  The base was about where the 2d tee was (and still is) located and the top was up by the 4th green.  About a 100' drop, if that.  Mid 40's probably.  It was like a backyard rope tow--no warming hut or other amenities, but it was fun. We skied down across the elevated 4th tee and took big air--known as "jumping" at the time.

Apparently, the Hanover Country Club was also home to a ski jump, as noted on a 1988 topo map, courtesy of Terraserver.

Anybody attend Dartmouth and remember skiing there?

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