Intervale Ski Slope
Intervale, NH

Mid 1930's - 1976

This is another historic ski area in the North Conway Area.  Located in the town of Intervale, the ski area changed a lot during its history.  First, it had a J-bar, one of the earliest ever installed by the famous Fred Pabst. Then, Pabst removed the J-bar in 1947 and installed it at Bromley, his home ski area. Although the J-bar was removed, the area changed ownership in 1947 and became the property one Dick Stimpson. A rope tow then replaced the J-bar, but according to Stimpson, "wasn't very popular" (Ski Magazine Dec. 1956).

So, to combat the bad rope tow, a 1800 foot long and 400 foot vertical pomalift was installed. It carried 700 skiers per hour and was financed by $500 notes. 5000 skiers per year visited the area.

The view of the trails and poma lift, 1960. 

Only 3 trails existed at this area.
But the times were not kind to Intervale. Growing skiing areas such as Cranmore, Attitash, Wildcat, and Black Mtn virtually sucked the life out of this area. A lack of room to expand also contributed to its failing. It closed around 1976. Rust took over the lift. Saplings grew in the trees. But, in 1986, Mr. Landry of Landry's Ski Slope, took out the poma and prepared it for use at his area. But it was not to be used, as Landry's closed the following year.

Still not done yet, parts of the poma worked their way over to Locke's Ski Tows and Atlantic Forest, in Amesbury, MA.

Today, Intervale has almost completely grown in. Don't bother looking for it either. There's nothing to see, plus the road to reach it is private. Here's a view of the area today, with my best guesses as to where the trails/slopes are.

More details by the year:

(Skier's Guide to New England)
Near Maple Villa Trail.  16 acres.  3/10 mile long, 400 feet wide.  Six slopes from 20 to 30 degrees.  Hook type ski tow (J-bar), 1500 feet long.  400 foot drop.  The entire slope is illuminated for night skiing.  Shelter.

(Complete Skier's Guide)
Novice-intermediate downhill runs, good cross country trails, wide open slopes served by hook-type tow; illuminated for night skiing.

(Where to Ski, provided by Wayne Silver)
The Intervale Ski Area is located 1.5 miles from Rte. 16, altitude 600 to 1000'. Rope tow, 1500 feet long with rise of 400' serves Twister Trail, intermediate, 1.5 mile long with an 800 foot drop. Open slopes. 20-30 meter jump. Tow rate: $2 per day; $1AM, $1.50 PM. Shelter serves hot food and drink.

(Eastern Ski Map)
Intervale Ski Slope offered skiing on a rope tow, slope, 2 trails (novice through expert), jumps, a ski school, and patrol.

(Eastern Ski Map)
Intervale Ski Area offered skiing on weekends only, with a Pomalift, a trail, a slope (novice through expert), ski school, jump, and a packer.

(America's Ski Book)
The ski area offered a T-bar (most likely not real), platterpull, and a 600 foot drop.  No snowmaking.

(The Colorado Skier and owner of Landry's Ski Slope)
Intervale likely closes around this time.
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