Iron Mountain Slope
Jackson, NH
1930's - c1975

History ~ Recent Photos


Iron Mountain Slope was located at the former Iron Mt. House in Jackson, NH. I had heard about this area before so I decided to visit it in July of 1999. I spoke with the then owner, Jack Butler, who gave NELSAP a brochure plus lots of information on the area. I'm very glad I visited that day! Read on for details...

In 1939, there was an "Iron Mountain Trail" consisting of high pastures cleared and smoothed. It was likely what became this area. A rope tow was installed during the 1950's, and was used by many skiers staying at area as a great way to practice before hitting larger areas. A large slope and narrow trail, on a 200 foot drop served by a rope tow were enjoyed by skiers. A ski school, rental shop, and instruction was available, as well as night skiing. 

The area closed briefly during the 1960's but reopened when Jack Butler (who formerly owned the Iron Mountain House) bought the area.

The Iron Mt. House in the 1960's.

Unfortunately, the area closed around 1975. Jack Butler had trouble paying the newly enacted minimum wage as it was a family run hotel, and they could not afford to pay for the staff.

Here's the Ski Slope, showing the tow and the rockier cliffs (called Duck Head) above it.

The area grew in rather quickly thru the 1990's. Here's the base of the old rope tow. Notice how even the line of the lift is invisible.

Looking up the main slope, summer, 1999. Notice how you can barely make out the slope.
An overhead view reveals little, as the slope has completely grown in.

I'm especially glad that I visited the area in July 1999. A fire destroyed the hotel on Aug 30, 2000. The area was in ruins for a few years, and has since been developed into a restaurant. The following readers below have more info on the fire and its aftermath.

Before the fire, this is what the area looked like:

Tom Liba (2004): I just read about the old slope behind the Iron Mountain House in Jackson, NH. I head out that way quite often (for telemark skiing) and am sorry to report that about two years ago the Iron Mountain House suffered a serious fire. The building still stands (as of 01/20/02), but is in extreme disrepair. The center roof section collapsed during the fire. No work has been done to it since. It looks like everyone just never returned at the end of the day...belongings are still in place; curtains, bikes, you name it. I've driven by many many times and wondered what the owner was going to do.

John Beach: As you may know, Iron Mtn. House recently suffered a fire. The inn is closed, and the property is for sale. It will most likely become a heap o' condos. Haven't seen Jack Butler around recently. They had a fire sale a few weeks ago, and things quieted down quickly.  

Kathy Bennett: This hotel burnt down over the summer. The owner had never insured the building or its contents so they are slated to be demolished.

A view of the hotel taken on Feb 13, 2002. What a shame!

Here are the directions to the Iron Mt. House from the 1960's brochure.

Around 2003 or 2004, the area that the hotel was located was redeveloped into a nice restaurant, called the Red Fox Pub. The ski slope has not been touched.

Recent Photos:

In March 2006, NELSAP hiked the area, took pictures, and the unfortunately lost them due to a software error. Luckily though, Fred Schaaff volunteered to retake pictures in December, 2006. It was a very mild December with little snow, so hiking the area was easy. The following pictures are thanks to Fred.
The main ski slope has grown in tremendously, but several clear areas still remain.

Please click on the following pictures to view the larger version. They show the still standing rope tow, slope, and summit return building.
The base of the rope tow, looks like it did in 1999. A rope tow tower has collapsed. Note the floodlights. A closeup of a pulley still mounted on a ple.


Rope tow tower...amazing how grown in the slope is! Tower and summit return building. Summit return building, deteoriarting, but still standing.

Summit return, leaning but still standing. "Employees Only" were allowed into the building. Rope tow mechanism.

Inside of return building, showing rope tow machinery. Old heater and gas cans. Engine outside of shack.

If you remember this area and have information, please let us know.

Last updated: Dec 23, 2006

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