Jake's Hill Part 1
Amherst, NH

Jamie Ramsay has alerted us to the existence of the first ski area at Jake's Hill in Amherst, NH. It was a brief rope tow that operated on the same hill that the Amherst Ski Club operated later. Here are Jamie's details:

Ben Jacobsen (always "Mr. Jacobsen" to me where he was some sixty years my senior), being both friends and neighbors for many years, told me that prior to the rope tow run by the Amherst Ski Club, there was a rope tow on the hill that predated the one installed by the Amherst Ski Club.  The first one was installed by a few of the local boys sometime in the 1940's (???).  The tow used a retired Chevrolet chassis from the early 1930's.  The equipment had been removed sometime prior to the Amherst Ski Club's tenure.  I haven't the vaguest idea how long this was in operation ... it'd be interesting to ask some of the "older residents" around town (my family's residence only dates back to 1952) to see who might remember what.

If you remember this area, please let us know.

Last updated: Dec 17, 2006

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