North Grantham Slopes
Kidder Slopes
Ledges/Whale's Hump?
North Grantham, NH


We believe this area to be the Grantham Ski Slopes, which may have become an area called Ledges later on. It was apparently located on Kidder Farm, and was owned by Fred Kidder, sponsored by the Newport NH Ski Club. Here is some more info:

In February 11, 1938, the below appeared in the Ski Bulletin. Thanks to Jonathan Robinson for forwarding this along:

"Newport, NH, Feb. 1. -- At North Grantham, on the Dartmouth College Highway, between Lebanon and Hanover, a new ski tow serving open slopes and leading to a half-mile trail, has been installed.  The new rope tow has a vertical ascent of 200 ft. -- MacIntyre and Tracy."

The above appears to be en error for the location - North Grantham is not between Lebanon and Hanover, but it is on the Dartmouth College Highway (Route 10).

A 1939 NH Winter Map says that an area called Grantham Slopes was located on Rte 10 in North Grantham...this area is at the end of Rte it may be it!

Laura Jean Whitcomb found out some more info that lends another name to this area:

This area in North Grantham used to be the old Warren Emerson farm, but old timers remember it as the Kidder Farm. (It was in the family for 100 or so years, from Paul to Fred to, I think, Freda.) Fred Kidder, who raised oxen, did have a ski tow on the hill across the street from his farm. As far as I can tell, it was just called the Kidder Ski Tow. Willena Hastings Spooner, who grew up in North Grantham on a farm down the road, remembers a rope ski tow during her high school years (1933 to 1937). She says it may have even been used by Dartmouth College's ski teams needing practice.

If you are driving down the highway southbound, on the right is a relatively steep field, an old shack, and what looks to be lift line and somewhat narrower trail to the right. Here's a picture of where we believe the area to be.

Beverly Bridge confirms the above too: That is (was) Fred Kidders farm on rte. 10 in North Grantham.  My sister says there was a rope tow there and the Lebanon ski team used to use it.  The 'shack' is a house trailer that was put up for Minnie (Fred's widow) after he died but she chose to stay in the farm house rather than move into the trailer. The house was used as a fire drill by the Grantham Volunteer Fire Department after her death.  

Rob Knight has more info: I asked some of the old timers in Grantham about the area.  Will Hastings grew up North Grantham and was a skier - this is what he told me.The Dartmouth ski team did not have enough snow to practice on in the Hanover area.  The North Grantham area had more snow, and Dartmouth rented the fields from the owner, Fred Kidder, and setup an engine and a rope tow.  They had two fields with a strip of woods between them, and the tow was on the left side of the right field.  They used the area for two years.  According to Will Hastings, it was not open to the public.  Will remembers skiing there, but he also
remembers that he had to herringbone up the hill when he wanted to ski.

Roswell Cummings: There was a ski are in Grantham in a farmers field right along Route 10
sponsored by the Newport, NH Ski Club were a model A Ford was jacked up and a
rope run around a rear wheel to other auto wheels mounted on posts up the
hill.  I remember this in the thirties. It was my first experience of a tow.

Andy Dufresne has a map of New Hampshire which indicates the area to be called the Ledges Ski Area. Another reader believes that it was called Whale's Hump, a farce on the nearby Whaleback ski area.

Does anybody remember this one? If so, please let us know.


Last updated: Feb 2, 2010

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