Moose Mountain Lodge
Etna, NH
1938-1942, 1946-1948


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Moose Mountain was a small ski area with associated Lodge that operated for skiing from 1938 to 1942, then again from 1946-1948. It was closed during World War II and again after 1949. The lodge itself was constructed by the Leslie brothers in 1937 and opened for skiing the next year. The ski area consisted of an upper and lower tow on a 250' vertical drop, and was mainly used by guests. Transportation to the lodge was difficult in the days before 4 wheel drive, and the operators often had to transport the skiers to the lodge via bulldozer due to the steep access road. Later, an Army Jeep was used to transport skiers to the lodge.

(Right - a view of the lodge and ski terrain. The upper tow is to the right of the Lodge, an dthe lower tow liftline is visible below the Lodge)

Closing during World War II, the lodge and ski area briefly reopened in 1946 by Doug Roher and Oscar Martin, and closed a few years later. The lodge was abandoned and vandalized during this time. It would later reopen as a Boys Camp called Moose-Hi in 1959, which then closed in 1961. The area went through a few more owners, when Kay and Peter Shumway purchased the Lodge in 1975, owning it to this day.

(Left - skiers and skis outside the Lodge. Courtesy of the Shumways. Click on it for the larger version)


They operated the Lodge until 2010, when they retired, but still live at the Lodge and maintain the property. While operating, the Lodge offered hiking, cross country skiing, great food and amazing views!

There are no remnants of the rope tow left, but most of the slopes are still fairly clear.

For a much more detailed history of the Lodge, please visit the Shumway's excellent history page: Moose Mountain Lodge - Tails, Trails, and History.

Peter and Kay Shumay inside the Lodge, September, 2010.

NELSAP has heard from Susan Martin whose father, Oscar owned this ski area in the 1940's along with Doug Roher and his wife. Here is more information from her:

My Dad, Oscar Martin, owned a lodge in NH in the early-mid 1940s which I believe now was/is the Moose Mountain Lodge.

At the time he was an engineer at GE in Lynn, Massachusetts, but was stationed at Quincy Naval Shipyard in Boston for the war, and lived in Marblehead, MA. My dad, along with Doug Roher and his wife, owned a ski lodge that he always told me was in Etna, NH. He describes it as follows: "There were two rope tows, a shorter one above the lodge and a longer one below. Guests could not drive to the lodge. We met them at the train (I assume in White River Junction - SM) each weekend and took them up to the lodge in an Army 4-wheel drive vehicle."

My Dad primarily cooked and Doug was the operations man, although they both worked on whatever machinery needed attention and hosted guests all weekend long.


Aerial view of the Lodge and former ski area in 1993. The area below the lodge was the location of one of the rope tows, and the location of the former trails are noted.

Listings By the Year
Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1939 1700' Rope Tow, new that year 1/2 mile long floodlit intermediate slope None Skier's Guide to New England
1951-1952 "Tows" Slope, novice and intermediate trail Ski school, skating, patrol Eastern Ski Map

Please note that while the Eastern Ski Map showed the area open in 1951-1952, the area was actually closed during this time.

Historic Photos

Click on most photos for the larger version.
Construction of the Lodge, 1937. Courtesy of the Shumways.

Skiers outside the lodge. Courtesy of the Shumways.
Race course outside the lodge. Courtesy of the Shumways.

Undated brochure, describes the lodge and ski area. Courtesy of the Shumways.
Stone fireplace inside the Lodge. Larger version of the brochure showing trails and skiers, including the rope tow. Black and white image of the rope tow.

Susan Martin Photos

Susan Martin's father Oscar operated the area from 1946-1948 and sent us these great color shots! Click on each for a larger version.
Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1946 Rita Martin, Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1947 Merriel Rohrer, Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1947


Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1947, from the upper slope, rope tow tower at bottom center. Doug Rohrer and 'Clinker', Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1946 "Lunch for Ski School", Moose Mtn. Lodge, 1947


Recent Photos

A beautiful shot of the Lodge in winter. Courtesy of the Shumways.

September 17, 2010
Click on all below images for a larger version.

We had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Moose Mountain Lodge and the Shumways on September 17, 2010. The lodge was still open to guests at that time. The interior is quite reminiscent of what it was likely in the late 1930's and early 1940's. And the views are spectacular - here is a view from their porch overlooking the former ski slopes below and the Connecticut River Valley in the background.

The view of the distant Vermont mountains and the former ski area below.

Upper Slopes
Upper portion of the former ski slope. Upper portion of the former ski slope, near the pond. Upper portion of the former ski slope.

Entrance to the lodge. View of the lodge from the pond. Stone fireplace in the lodge.

Lower Slopes
Lawn on the lower slope. Sugarhouse with view of Pico and Killington in the background. Lower slope. Lower slope with excellent view. Lower slope from the parking lot.

If anybody has anything else to add, please let me know.

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