Oak Hill
Temple, NH
Before 1947-Around 1950

Oak Hill operated near the center of Temple Village. It was open from just after World War II to around 1950. It was a typical small area, with an open slope and two trails. A warming hut and lunch bar provided services to cold and hungry skiers.

Here's a shot of the rope tow, postcard courtesy Laurie P. Note how it was simply a farmers field with maybe 150' drop.

Do you have further information on this lost area? If so, let us know.

Oak Hill by the year:

Year Lifts Trails Other Info Source
1947-1948 700 feet tow open slopes, trails located near Temple Village NH Winter Map
1948-1949 800 foot tow open slope, two trails Warming Hut, lunch bar NH Winter Map

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Last updated: Jan 2 2006