Ossipee Ski Slopes
Mountainview Ski Slopes
Ossipee, NH
1939 - 1940's

Ossipee ski slopes opened in 1939 with a 1200 foot rope tow and a 300 foot vertical drop. This was located on Thompson Hill, right of Route 171 just off 28. This mountain was not Ossipee Mountain which developed much later, near 1970 in Moultonboro (thanks to John and Linda Osgood for pointing this out!)

The area changed its name to Mountainview Ski Slopes in the mid 1940's, and expanded to include several more trails.

As to what happened thereafter, I surmise that the area was overshadowed by Mt. Whittier growing to its north, thus closing.

I'd really like to learn more about this area, so if you know anything, please email me.  Thanks!

(Skier's Guide to New England)
Ossipee Ski Slopes
New development, located Thompson Hill
2/5 mile long slopes, 300 foot vertical drop
All classes of skiing
1200 foot long tow, shelter

(Complete Skier's Guide)
One half mile open slope with vertical drop of 300 feet, suitable for all classes; served by 1500 foot tow.

(World Ski Book, provided by Wayne Silver)
Mountainview Ski Slope, 2 miles of rte. 16 and 1 mile off rte. 28, has three slopes: one 2000 feet long and 200 feet wide for intermediates and experts; one 1500 feet long and 40-300 feet wide for intermediates and novices, and one 500 feet long and 200 feet wide for practice. A 1500 foot tow serves the area, which also has a slalom course, warming shelter, lunches, ski accessories, instruction.

(Where to Ski, provided by Wayne Silver)
1500 foot rope tow serves 3 slopes, the expert and intermediate A slope (2000'), an intermediate and novice B Slope (1500'), and a practice C Slope (500'). There is a good slalom course. $1.50 per day, heated lodge.
Sounds like Pico with slopes A, B, C!

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