Pasquaney Inn Pastures
Bridgewater, NH
Before/Near 1940-?

According to the 1940/1941 NH Winter Map, the Pasquaney Inn Pastures operated a 1200 foot rope tow in Bridgewater. Slopes and trails were novice and intermediate, and of 1/2 mi long. No other mention of this area exists in any other guidebook. The area likely closed during World War II.

We contacted the Inn on Newfound Lake, which used to be the Pasquaney Inn. Here's the info they provided to us:

Phelps Boyce from the Inn: We did know of the old ski trails/rope tow. We removed some wiring to poles when working on the property. One pole, that I know of, still stands. We just assume it was for the rope tow, and by what older people have told us. You can tell slightly where the trails were, especially if you walk up the hill and look down. There is still a major path where I assume the rope tow was. Our well is also at the top of the path. The original Inn's property was 185 acres. We are down to 8. I am just assuming the paths could have been anywhere. The horse stables where several blocks down the road.

The old ski sign for the Inn. 
Photo courtesy Inn on Newfound Lake.

We visited this area on May 11, and met with Phelps. He showed us this wisp of a trail, all that is left of the former ski area.

If anybody else has further info, just let us know.

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