Raymond Tow
Raymond, NH
1940's/early 1950's

Thanks to Dan Layton, we now know of this ski area that operated in Raymond. Here are his details:

I was just scanning your web site on lost areas.  I was working in Raymond, NH and I found a lost hill (ski).  It is located on Route 27, around the junction of Sunhill Rd. I did see a pole and I spoke with people that skied there many years ago.

Another NELSAP reader has some more info:

Steve Cronin: I believe I was working with Dan Layton the day he discovered the tow. It was at the corner of Rte 27 and Long Hill Rd. My wife's grandparents are in their 80's and lifelong residents of the town. They believe it operated in the 40's and early 50's. It was a rope tow powered by a "Model A" engine. One of the poles was still there a few years ago but I am not sure if it is still there, as the old army navy store it was behind has been demolished and the Church has been doing some expansion. 

Bud Lodge has further information: 

Confirming that the tow rope ski hill existed on Long Hill Road. It was in existence throught he late 60's, and perhaps in to the very early 70's. I was a resident of Long Hill Road during that time. The hill was maintained by (among others) Sumner Dodge, Hugh Holt, Roger Paradis and Bill Harmon. The area is grown over now, and a few houses were built there in recent years.

And so does Gail Dye:

I remember the hill very well.  I learned to ski there in the early 60's.  Mr. Hugh Holt was a teacher at the time and several of his students helped to clear the land and prepare it for a small ski hill. It was a wonderful time.  There were skis available for rent and I believe there may have been some evening skiing.  Not sure on that one.

Does anybody else remember this area? If so, let us know.

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