Sanbornton Tow
Sanbornton, NH
~Mid 1960's

Nothing was known about this area before NELSAP heard from Mark Bodwell. Here's the information he has on this brief rope tow area:

"In Sanbornton, which is just west of Laconia, there was an earlier rope tow in operation in the mid sixties. Hardly able to refer to it as a ski area, it was a south facing slope behind the elementary school in Sanbornton Square. It had an old car from the 1950's at the top of the slope known as Tower Hill. Open until the early seventies and run by the town recreation department it soon became a lost attraction. Landowners no longer allowed it to be used and its small size didn't help. The last of the "telephone pole" lift posts with old car wheels as pullies have fallen over in the last decade."

Anybody else ski here?

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