Sargent Camp
Hancock, NH
1960's-Late 1970's

Thanks to Jeffrey Miller, we first heard of this area that operated in Hancock, NH.

"The ski area where I learned to ski as a child does not yet appear on the NELSAP site, but perhaps I can provide you with some information that will help you research further details.

The ski area to which I refer was called the "Sargent Camp Rope Tow." It consisted of a single rope tow with about 3 or 4 trails down a small hill overlooking Halfmoon Pond in Hancock, New Hampshire. There was a lodge with a woodstove where skiers could warm themselves and purchase hot drinks. It was operational throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s. Sargent Camp itself, which is only about mile down the road and over the town line in Peterborough, is owned by Boston University."

"During the 1960s, the Sargent Camp Rope Tow was used only on weekends by Sargent Camp staff, and Boston University students and alumnae.  In the early 1970s it may have been rented by the manager and was open to the public.  I think it closed before 1980."

Here is the web page for Sargent Camp:  

Ned Bolle visited the area in late July, 2001, and took some great pictures. Here's his info:

I visited the Slope at Sargent Camp. The Slope is Clear and the Motorhouse is well maintained, with a fresh coat of stain. Although I spent much time in this area, I didn't ski here. The vertical looks to be about 100'.

Here's a picture of the motorhouse.

I can only guess that the tow length was about 500'. I remember the rope being up in the early '70s, but I don't recall seeing it operate. I was usually only in the area weekdays, so it might have been operational then, but only on weekends.

Here's a picture of the well maintained slope, looking towards Halfmoon Pond.

Ed Ware has some more info: The Sergeant Camp area was right down the road from me.  In it's heyday was quite a nice little area!  They even had night skiing!  All the local kids and many adults skied the small two or three trails.  I would say on average they would have 25-50 skiers a night!  

Anybody else remember this one?

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