Spicket Hill
Salem, NH
Dates Operational Unknown

Thanks to Pat Sullivan, we first heard of this small ski area that operated in Salem. Located just off Rte. 97 just east of Salem Center, this area likely with just one rope tow.

Several readers remember it:

William Boddy
"The Ski Area was located on Bridge St in Salem NH on what is known as Spicket Hill. The Slope had a vertical drop of 160 feet and just over 1000 feet of run. The slope faced almost due south, and you could see Methuen Hill which was a ski area in Massachusetts from the hill. I remember a lift ticket cost approximately $1.50 in 1962-62.  

The area was serviced by two rope tows (possibly a third shorter "baby" tow but memory is not clear on this), which ran the 1000 foot run. We called one the fast tow and the other the slow because they ran at two different speeds.

The area did not run at night because I don't think there was any lighting, nor snow making.

I can still remember the hum of the rope passing over the old Ford model A wire wheels on the old tower poles."

Ronald Gaudette:
"I actually skied a lot on the Spicket Hill Ski area in Salem, N.H. as I was growing up. The Spicket Hill was actually larger than the currently existing Nashoba Valley in Westford, MA. The runs were longer, it had two primary sections to ski on and 2-3 trails in a more wooded area off to the sides.

Spicket Hill also had two primary rope tows and on a weekend when there was a much larger crowd, the owners would open up a third rope tow. 

It was a wonderful small ski area with night skiing that provided a place for all beginners and intermediates to practice their form. The cost for a full day of skiing in the 1960's was about $5.50. The neighbors and I would invariably watch the Wide World of Sports on a Saturday afternoon, the proceed to the Spicket Hill for night skiing and build our own ski jumps---I was quite a nice place to enjoy the winter sport."

Does anybody else remember this one?

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