Steele Hill Resort
Sanbornton, NH

Before 1976-May still be open?

A few NELSAP readers have information which is invaluable to this ski area:

Eric Sherman: "The lift that used to run at Steele Hill Resort (j-bar) has been shut down for a few years now. Although it was a private resort, it still was a good slope. Steele Hill Resort is located on Steele Hill road in Sanbornton New Hampshire."

Mark Bodwell: "I know a little bit of the history. It was originally a rope tow that was installed sometime after 1976. It was most popular in the eighties during the "time share" boom. It was for members only. It included lights for nightskiing. The vertical drop was mild. I worked there in the mid eighties. There was also a rental shop.

Sometime in the early nineties the owners installed a T-bar that they bought used along with a miniature snow-grooming machine. They never reinstalled the lights for night skiing.

I have not heard that it closed but I know it was becoming rarely used due to a few factors: cost of insurance, manpower shortages to run the lift, lack of snow depths and a policy that at least 6 people must sign up in advance for the lift to be opened. The rental shop also closed as the equip became outdated. "

So...this area may still be open, but if so, on a very limited and rare basis. This one will be further investigated!

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