Sunny Slopes
Andover, NH
~1940's - 1950's

Meddie Perry first informed NELSAP of this ski area:

"This ski area has been closed since the 1950's or maybe 1960's. As its name suggests, it never held snow very well and closed as a result. This south-facing ski hill had a rope tow and about 400' of vertical. The trails are completely overgrown, although some rope tow pieces can still be found in the woods. The bottom of the hill has been turned into a gravel pit. It is located at the end of what is now called Sam Hill Road off of NH Route 11, about 2 miles west of the Franklin town line. Driving up Route 11, look north across the farm; the large wooded hill in the foreground is the old ski area."

Several guidebooks help piece together some more information. Here's Sunny Slopes history by the year:

Year Lifts Trails Other Information Source
1939 1000 foot rope tow Slope 0.4miles long, 20 acres of skiing, vertical drop 300 feet Sunny Slopes first year of operation, operated by the Franklin Outing Club The Skier's Guide to New England
1940-1941 same Novice and intermediate skiing, 20 acres, runs up to 2000 feet. Trails at top of hill, one trail top to base none NH Winter Map
1947-1948 same Novice and intermediate Warming and observation hut NH Winter Map
1948-1949 same same same same
1950's probably same probably same Sunny Slopes closes, year unknown Meddie Perry

Anybody else remember this area?

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