Tamarack Slope
Easton, NH

Before 1949-?

This was a small ski area that was in known operation during the late 1940's, other years of operation are unknown. According to the Eastern Ski Map, In 1949 they had a tow that served several slopes and trails, and skating as well.

Roger Ahlgren has some more information and directions: The Tamarack "tow" is in Easton on the lower slope of Mt. Kinsman. When in Franconia you cross the bridge in town, DOW ACADEMY would be on your left, keep driving probably 6 miles and the McKenzie Airfield would be on your left with a Big hotel on your right, too long since I was there so I can't do names anymore. Keep driving probably another 6 or so miles, fields on the right and farms on the left. According to my mom, the Tamarack Lodge is still there on the left. The slope would be just before the lodge on the left. Probably overgrown after all these years. The owners still have the tennis courts as I understand and there was a big barn on the right. 

Anybody else remember this one?

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