Tilton School
, NH
Years Operational Unknown

The Tilton School ran a small area for students in Tilton. Not too much is known about the area, except that it was one slope, one short rope tow, and was for students only.

Ken Norton: "Tilton School is a small prep school in Tilton NH.  Had a rope tow at one point in time.  The ski area is literally my backyard"

Denis Wang, Ski Coach of Tilton School, has more information: Tilton School's lift served the school and school competitions for ski jumping for many years ending in the 70's. The school once had a fine reputation for nordic ski events.  We now have only an alpine ski team.  

Scott Ruggles, the Ast. Director of Athletics of the Tilton School, sent us this picture, which is courtesy of the Tilton School Archives. It shows several students riding the tow, including the sign that reads "This ski area is reserved for Tilton School only". Note the pulley on the tree. See a picture of it more recently here.
A view looking down the slope, taken by Ken.

A close up view of the pulley, formerly from the rope tow.

Anybody else remember this one?

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