Warner Ski Area
Warner, NH

Before 1947-Late 1960's

This was a small ski area that was in known operation during the late 1940's until the late 1960's when Rte 89 was built through it.  In 1947, the area had a 1200 foot tow (1947 Ski NH map). In 1949 in Warner there was a 1000' rope tow (likely 1200 feet) which served several trails and slopes on a 250' drop. The main trail was named Moore Trail. (1949 Eastern Ski Map and Where to Ski, provided by Wayne Silver). After the area closed, a new area in Warner opened to replace it. For details on that, click here.

Here are some NELSAP readers memories of this ski area:

B. Lawrence: I just discovered your site and read the information about the ski area in Warner, NH, where I learned to ski in the 50s.  It had a single rope tow and a smaller sledding hill to the north that we used for our toboggan.  I don't know how we fit all the equipment for 6 people and a toboggan in (and on) our station wagon, but we did it regularly.  Another thing I remember is that the only "lodge" there was an old metal Qonset hut, heated with a single big wood stove.  They served soup and hot chocolate, and probably other things like donuts and hot dogs.  We usually packed our lunch and ate it by the stove.  

I can still see evidence of the one slope of the area to the south of Interstate 89 in Warner.  The vegetation has grown so much since the arrival of the Interstate that you can barely identify it now, but I always look for it when I'm driving by and can usually find it.  The trees are mostly hardwoods and are mostly smaller than those around the area (although not by much). It is near a marker for either mile 19 or bridge 19 on the Interstate, I believe.  I always wonder if the rope tow equipment is still hidden in the woods at the top of the hill. So, those are my memories of Warner Ski area.

Dick Inman: The Warner rope tow operated until the mid-sixties when Interstate 89 was constucted right through the middle of it.  Another shorter rope tow remained in operation until the early '70s I believe, I'm checking some sources to try to pin it down.  Some friends of my brother were involved in the operation.  There was small lodge and instructors from Mt. Sunapee used to instruct there on Sunday mornings.  It was my first experience with a lift, I wasn't too big on the rope tow.  That was about 33 years ago, and I now find myself as part of the management team at Timberline Ski Area in Oregon. 

David Rand: This ski area was in Warner NH (exit 8-9 on rte 89). The area went right through where the highway does today.   I don't know it's official name but before the first chairlift (in NH I think) at Sunapee, the ski trains would come from Boston to Warner each weekend.  The town had a series of inns that served from a common menu - I saw a wonderful PBS documentary once on this area

Anybody remember this one?

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