Mount Snow
Rawdon, Quebec

Beverly has some information on this ski area: Mount Snow opened in 1952 just off Lake Morgan Road in Rawdon. (shortly thereafter Canadiana Village opened on the adjacent farm. Unfortunately both enterprises have long since closed, only memories remain) Mount Snow is not 6 miles from Rawdon, more like 2 1/2 or 3 at max. Today the road leading to the abandoned ski hill is called Mount Snow Road. It was part of Denis Austin's "Austin Acres" development. There was 1 T-Bar ski lift and The Stable Restaurant run by local ski champion, Peter Mailhot at the foot of the hill. Students from Rawdon Rawdon Elementary School were bussed to the hill on winter Friday afternoons for ski instruction (this school activity continues today at Ski Montcalm).

Jacques Pontbriand has some information regarding Mount Snow.
Mount Snow existed back in the late 50's and early 60's with one Hall T-Bar and this ski center was built and operated by Mr. Denis Austin of Austin's acres....... Mount Snow was located 6 miles North-East of Rawdon."

Steve Solo has some more information. Steve is the webmaster for

"I happened upon your page on Mt. Pontbriand in Rawdon Qc.I think at one time 1973 it was called Mt. Snow. It had a tow-bar and I only went there once. I wasn't a very good skier and broke both my ankles, so I never returned and never went downhill again. I now prefer x-country on Lac Pontbriand where I live in Morindale."


A postcard Mount Snow, provided by David Saint-Pierre. Note the T-bar on the right and base lodge on the left. According to David, based on the cars this postcard would be dated 1960 or 1961. The back reads:

Rawdon, Que.

Enjoy your winter holidays in Rawdon, where skiing, tobogganing, skating, sleigh-riding, bowling and dancing are at their uncrowded best. Numerous Hotels & Motels are available to please everyone. Carnival in February, more skiing for your dollar than anywhere."

Satellite imagery shows this area to be heavily grown in with a vertical drop of approximately 260 feet.

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Last updated: October 20, 2010

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