Mont Pontbriand
Rawdon, Quebec

Jacques Pontbriand contacted NELSAP in February 2004 to give us a little information regarding the ski hill he started, that bears his name:

My name is Jacques Pontbriand and I built from the ground-up in 1973 the ski hill and buildings...... there was no other ski center on or around that mountain...... the mountain was locate just a few miles North of Rawdon in our land development.

I operated for 8 years and then it was sold to a Mr. Yvan Joly and he operated it under the same name until 1995 it was then sold several years later to a private school and it was no longer an operating ski center."

We had originally speculated that Mont Pontbriand may also have been known as Mont Snow....this is not the case!

According to The White Book of Ski Areas, 1988, Mont Pontbriand was/is located 37 mi. N of Montreal via Route 25 North and Route 337 North.

Here is some info from various guide books:
Unknown 449 feet 1 tpl chair, 2 t-bars, 10 trails   unknown
1988 137 meters 1 tpl chair, 2 bars rentals, ski shop & school, 80% snowmaking White Book of Ski Areas, 1988

Thanks to Francois Massicotte, we now have some great information and a photograph of  Mont Pontbriand!

According to Francois Massicotte who also took this picture, "the trail on the right seem to be more cleared than the old chairlift line, it's why I think that the school, that is there actually, possibly use this trail to slide during winter or something like that. There is a t-bar just on the side of the trail."

Does anyone else remember this area? Please let us know!

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