Mont Sainte-Agathe
Sainte Agathe, PQ


Thanks to Francois Massicotte, we now have a wealth of information on lost Quebec ski areas! 

According to Francois:  "Regarding Mont Sainte-Agathe, it's now completely closed, since the middle 80s. It closed in 60 or early 70s, I think and it opened back for few years in the middle 80s."

And according to a 1972-1973 guidebook Francois has, the area had a 600 foot vertical drop, with 9 trails served by a chairlift (most likely a double) and 2 t-bars.  Another guidebook of Francois' from the mid 1980s claims the area had a 666 foot vertical drop with 8 trails.

Here is a photo Francois found online: 

Patrick Sullivan found a great picture of the Mueller double that once operated at this area.

Anybody else remember this area?

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