Neutaconkanut Hill
Providence/Johnston, RI

Years operational unknown

Ahah...another one for Rhode Island! Thanks to NELSAP reader Don, we now know of this ski area. Here are the details:

"I'm not sure if you know but there is an old abandoned ski area located at Neutaconkanut Hill.  It is located on Plainfield Street on the Providence/Johnston Rhode Island line.  I believe it is very old.  There are 3 slopes. There are two tow rope towers with the wheels still on them.  People still sled down part of the hill.  I metal detect for old coins and have found a few on the slope and surrounding area.  There is a soccer field and baseball field at the bottom of the slope.  It might have been run by the town."
Here's the Topographic map of the hill.

Here's a great overhead shot of the area, courtesy of Art D.
A view of the park, lost ski area in the background all grown in, from Art. Summer 2004.

More views of the slope, from Art too.

Anybody else remember this ski area?

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