Barton Valley View
Barton, VT
Before 1969-1976

We first heard about this area from the VT State Tramway reports. It had a 900 foot rope tow, and operated from before 1969 until 1976.

I tried to find this area in Barton while attending college in nearby Lyndonville - but couldn't find any remnants of the area. Jonni Gallup had more luck and found the area, pictures below.

Richard Henry remembers Barton's ski tow: My family moved to Barton in 1968, while I was in college.  I remember seeing a single-rope-tow lift across the valley to the west from the village in a farm-pasture hillside.  I never actually skied there, however.
This weekend my younger brother came to visit.  I mentioned the NELSAP website, and he told me something about the Barton lift.  He said that the lift fell into disuse in the early 70's, then was rejuvenated while he was in high school (he graduated in 1976), and that it was the first place he drove to solo after he got his license.  The lift was located on the north slope of the hill at the southeast corner of Elm St. and Breezy Hill Rd, just west of where the Interstate is now.

Aerial view of the Barton tow courtesy of Terraserver.
A view of the base area, September 2004, from Jonni Gallup.

More of the base area.
From the road.

If you know more about this, let us know.

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