Bonnyvale Area
Brattleboro, VT

Before 1948-?

The Bonnyvale Area was small, rope tow area that operated in the town of Brattleboro. Other details are unknown. This was found in a ski article in Vermont Life entitled "Ski Vermont" in the Winter of 1948. It was found on a map developed by the Vermont Development Commission in that article.

Paul Robinson remembers this area: I was raised in Brattleboro. Bonnyvale was located in West Brattleboro on (logically) Bonnyvale road a good ways out of town. It had an old car up at the top in a shed as power, an early 30's sedan. The first part of the runs were through woods on very narrow paths and then it opened up into a broad meadow. I remember in the mid 40's, after a snow, if you got there early and packed down the snow for the rope and the woods trails (there weren't many I believe) you could ski the rest of the day for free. I did it lot. I also skied Latchis and could walk to a rope tow on Guilford street which is now run by the town.

Other Memories:

Grant Reynolds: I skied there once or twice in 1945 or 46. The usual layout - one rope top and a warming hut on land that was a pasture in the summer. Location: On the Northwest side of Bonnyvale Road (which begins at the green in West Brattleboro and tends southwesterly towards West Guilford) about 1-200 yards from the intersection with Mather Road. It was between the large farmhouse on that side of Bonnyvale and the Mather-Bonnyvale intersection.

Anybody else remember this one? If so, please let us know!

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