Bristol, VT

Late 1930's - ?

This small ski area likely operated for a brief time and had a toboggan chute.

(Skier's Guide to New England)
Open slopes, two intermediate runs, 900 foot tow
Night skiing
Toboggan Chute

(Ski Trails in the East and How to Get There)
The resort has two trails and several open slopes for practicing. The skiing area is in town and the trails are reached by automobile. A tow located on a hill with two slopes has excellent terrain for novice and intermediate skiers. Mountain Top Run, for experts, is 1 1/2 miles long. The area also has two intermediate runs, and facilities for skating and toboganning. A first aid station and a skiing instruction school are nearby.

Betsy confirmed with a local that the ski area was operated by the Rotary Club for a time and was located across Mountain Street from the Bristol Elementary School.  THIS AREA IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, SO PLEASE RESPECT THE LAND OWNERS AND DO NOT TRESPASS.
  Mountain Street is the north/south road in the middle of the photo. Bristol Elementary is the large building on the west side of the road. The ski area was across the street. Note the houses that have since been built and the growth that has taken place.


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