Burnham Hollow Ski Tow
Middletown Springs, VT
Likely 1950's

According to undated VT ski area guide (likely from 1950's), the Bunham Hollow Ski Tow operated in Middletown Springs (6 miles east of Poultney). It was on the Horace Greeley Highway. One 1000ft tow served trails and 40 acres of open slopes. There was a shelter which served food.

Grant Reynolds found some information on Burnham Hollow that he has shared with NELSAP.
"Burnham Hollow is a settlement about 3 miles west of Middletown Springs on Rte 140. It's on your DeLorme Atlas map of Vermont. A man named Bob Buxton ran a tow there for some years - don't know exact years yet - but he died 10 years ago. Remnants of the tow were visible until recently."

If you remember this ski area, just let us know.

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