Webster Hill
Danville, VT

Mid 1950's - Mid 1960's

 I first heard about this area on The Colorado Skier Newsletters. Intrigued by its location (I have a distant cousin, Kate Beattie in that town) I asked around, and sure enough some of her family had skied there. The area was located just north of the town, on Webster's Hill (location also confirmed by NELSAPPER Betsy McDonough).

We heard from Dick MacKenzie who found out a bit more about this area and took some great pictures! Here are his details:

My family lived in Danville from 1953 to 1956 (I was 9 - 12 years old during those years). I remember skiing at Webster's Hill on many occasions - it was a very lively place. My recollection is that it was always busy, including some events such as cross-country racing with the ski base being the beginning and ending points. One winter some boys constructed a couple little "mini jumps" from boards part way down the hill that added some challenge.

The Webster farm as seen from the road approaching it. 
The ski hill/rope tow were located right behind the house and barn and went up to the first little plateau - not quite as far up as the trees at the top of the picture.

The ski hill - looking up from about where the tow rope began.

The Websters served hot dogs and hot chocolate from a small room in their house at the base of the ski run. I have always remembered those hot dogs as the best I've ever tasted. I met one of the Webster sons in the Creamery bar last week. He told me the rope tow began in the mid 50s (I can't remember if it was there during all my winters in Danville or not - but it was certainly there during my last winter 55/56) and was discontinued some time in the mid 60s because the owners (his father and two partners) couldn't afford to buy a new rope. The tow was powered by an old Ford flathead engine.
Looking down the ski hill from about where the rope tow terminated. The end of the ski run was just before the house.


An old pole with a pulley.


Another view of the pole with a shot of Danville in the background.

A view of a pole and a pulley.

Anybody else remember this one? If so, let us know.

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